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Get your car looking good as new with Bosch Car Service and Renew My Car.

We’ve partnered with Renew My Car to bring you an exciting new scratch and dent repair service from light accident repairs to headlight restoration!

Light accident repair

Now you can have all your dents, scratches, trims, mags and more quickly and conveniently repaired right in our workshops. Whether you’re selling your car and want to get the very best price or simply want a touch-up to give it a new lease on life – we’ll get it done faster and far more affordably than any auto body repair workshop.

Our on-site service is available at selected workshops and supported by our worldwide technology partners 3M, Betag Innovation and Kansai Plascon. Renew My Car Services offers the following services on site:

  • Mobile light accident repair
  • Dent removal and scratch repairs to plastic bumpers and metal substrates
  • Remove scratches and restore faded paint
  • Touch up minor nicks and scratches
  • Refurbish scratched wheel trims
  • Repair and repaint scratched Mag wheels
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Get your car in top shape – inside and out

Colour coding
Our Colour Mixers perfectly match paint to the original colour of your vehicle for a seamless repair finish.

Wheel trim and mag repair
Refurbish original wheel trims and alloy wheels

Headlight lens restoration
Cleary up hazy headlights without the expense of replacing them entirely

Cut and Polish
Permanently remove scratches in the paintwork (far more affordable than a full repaint)