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Our service promises provide substantial benefits

Customer satisfaction is the measure of our success. Our unique service promises mean commitment to finding the best possible solution to any problem. We can always be relied upon for top quality and a broad range of services. Discover our service concept: Fair and reasonable, trustworthy and reliable, personal and committed.

Outstanding quality

  • No loss of manufacturer’s warranty coverage: We perform all repair and maintenance work to the specifications of the manufacturer, so the vehicle remains fully under warranty.
  • Professional work: All our employees are fully qualified. We always use the latest equipment.
  • Genuine spare parts: We make exclusive use of genuine parts or spare parts of the highest quality to ensure your vehicle retains its value.
  • Conscientiousness: We take good care of your vehicle. And our workshops always adhere to the applicable safety and environmental standards

Broad-based and comprehensive

  • Everything a car needs: We perform vehicle maintenance, repair and retrofitting work. We can provide expert advice on all aspects of the car.
  • Time saving: You can bring your vehicle at short notice and we will perform repairs as quickly as possible to ensure you never have to wait longer than necessary.
  • Mobility: We keep you on the road. You can have the use of a replacement vehicle whenever you need it.

Fair and reasonable

  • Expert work, transparent costs: We will give you a detailed breakdown in advance of all the work and time involved. So you know exactly what everything will cost right from the start.
  • Fair approach to repair work: We only ever repair what is really necessary.
  • Everything remains under your control: We always check with you first before performing any extra work.
  • See for yourself: We keep any parts removed in case you want to take a look at them when you collect your vehicle.

Trustworthy and reliable

  • No delays: We always keep to the deadlines we promise.
  • Reliability: We fully honor the agreements we make.
  • Quality and final inspection: We test drive your vehicle before returning it to you.
  • Professional handover: A qualified member of our team will explain the work performed and the invoice when you come to collect your vehicle.